Accounts Receivable

Take back control of your accounts receivable, starting with complete and current information about your customers. We’ll track changes to their contact information, terms, and sales tax status. Cash flow is the life blood of your business and accounts receivable is the source of that flow.

Your products and services are set up correctly and completely including sales taxes charged. Your invoicing will be done promptly upon shipping your product or completing the service, and correct reference is made to associate each invoice with a particular shipment or job. Sales are posted to unique sales accounts, so you can keep track of monthly sales for each product and service. Individual sales accounts help you make critical decisions about which products and services to promote.

Reconciliation of your accounts receivable is done monthly. Your customers will pay you on time because their account balance will match the statement you send them. Monthly reviews of your accounts receivable aging reports are made to keep accounts up to date. Our quick action with delinquent accounts can save you much in legal fees and lost revenue.

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