Cloud Bookkeeping

We’re dedicated to providing the most secure services possible for your important bookkeeping data. That’s the reason we recommend cloud bookkeeping to all our clients. Canadian hosting provides vital and convenient features that can be yours for a reasonable monthly fee. We’re excited about the many immediate benefits your company will enjoy using cloud bookkeeping.

What is Cloud Bookkeeping

Cloud bookkeeping coordinates required information with members of your accounting staff and management team. Secure access from any location requires only a browser on your PC, laptop, or tablet device and your encrypted passwords. Both your database and accounting software are stored on remote servers called cloud computers. These provide redundancy and high-level security previously enjoyed by only large corporations such as banks and other financial institutions. Cloud bookkeeping automatically makes secure off-site backups of your important accounting data.

Cloud Bookkeeping Benefits

  • highly secure Canadian database servers
  • Canadian information privacy regulations
  • features used by large companies
  • data access from anywhere using encrypted password
  • work from multiple locations
  • real-time access
  • screen sharing available
  • automated backups stored for 7 years
  • auto updates for software and payroll
  • uses Simply Accounting and QuickBooks
  • easy access with PC, Mac, or tablet device
  • can be set up and running in minutes
  • excellent benefits at reasonable prices

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